Update Your Health Card Number

Keeping up-to-date patient records is a priority at Wise Elephant Family Health Team. If you have recently undergone any address or name changes or if you have a new Ontario Health Card please ensure that you keep us apprised of these changes. (Read our “General Information About Ontario Health Insurance Cards” post to learn a great deal more about your OHIP card.)

Complete the form below to update your Ontario Health Card number and additional personal information. Remember to include the version code and please ensure that the information you submit matches your Ontario Health Card exactly.  (i.e. First Name, Last Name and Health Card Number). We’re also collecting your updated address and phone numbers as these details are used by the Ministry of Health to verify your Health Card and identity.

new ontario health card number old ontario health card number

Health Card Number Update Form
  1. (dd/mm/yyyy)

  2. Provide current address for verification and accurate records.

  3. Please ensure you input the correct number & version code.

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For any additional information concerning Ontario Health Cards please visit: