General Surgery

Dr. Sadan K. Goel, M.B., FRCS(C), Senior General Surgeon, will be available for general surgery consultations as well as surgical procedures that can be done under local anaesthesia.
Surgical procedure fees are determined upon consultation with Dr. S.K. Goel.

  • Vasectomies.
  • Circumcisions.
  • Lipomas.
  • Sebaceous cysts.
  • Biopsy & excision of skin lesions
    • ( Solid & Cystic ).
  • Removal of small squamous cell carcinoma & basal cell carcinoma.
    • With split thickness skin graft if needed.
  • Ganglion.
  • Cortisone injection for trigger finger.
  • Aspiration & injection of joints.
    • (Shoulder, knee with steroids, Synvisc ).
  • Aspiration of breast cysts & excision of benign breast lumps. Such as fibro-adenoma.
  • Sigmoidoscopy.
  • Haemorrhoid banding.
  • Ingrown toenails.

General Surgery, in addition to addressing a number of existing health concerns can also be a valuable asset in your long term, preventative health care program.  Addressing health concerns early on and seeking general surgery as an aspect of your treatment early on can ensure that problems do not worsen and become serious, long term, health concerns.

Contact us or call us at (289) 323-0660 to book a consult or appointment.

A $30 surgical booking fee may apply.