Wise Travel Clinic Now Offering Group Discounts

Wise Travel Clinic

The Wise Elephant Family Health Team operated Wise Travel Clinic has been running for well over a year and the feedback we’ve gotten has been fantastic. We have listened to suggestions and requests and applied as many of them as we felt would improve the experience for all of you. The newest offering from the Wise Travel Clinic is Group Discounts. People don’t travel alone and if you’re all protected and secure during your travels, it makes the whole adventure more enjoyable.

Travel Is About The Experience

When you’re visiting different parts of the world, seeing the wonders they behold, taking in the local culture and tasting the exotic cuisine, you are acquiring the types of experiences that can be life-altering and provide everlasting memories. Whether it’s walking along white sandy beaches while an ocean breeze washes over you somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific or marveling at the human endeavor that was required to stack stone after stone to build the Pyramids at Giza, whatever your adventure is, it is always more fun if you’re sharing it with friends, family or co-workers.

Group Discounts Available at the Wise Travel Clinic

Group Travel Provides A Richer Experience

Recognizing that when you do “hit the road” or “board a jet plane” you’re probably not doing so alone, the Wise Travel Clinic is offering a group discount allowing you and your travel partners an added layer of protection and a substantially increased ‘peace of mind’. Knowing that your health and the health of your loved ones has been further secured from exotic illnesses is an added bonus to the rich rush of satisfaction that staring at a sunrise over the Himalayan mountains can provide.

The Wise Travel Clinic is operated by Erin Ziegler (NP) and the Wise Elephant Family Health Team. To learn more about our group discounts, how to qualify, what services we offer and when our next clinic is, please inquire with our staff.